Covermat aims to be a leader in a High-tech industrial market by joining partner EMI to support raw materials into the industry

EMI, Covermat

Covermat as importer and distributor in Thailand announced to be a market leader on raw materials supply to Thailand market which is including Converters, Automobile (Automotive, Auto part, EV Charger, EV Battery) and Electronic Appliance and Electronic (HDD, Semiconductor, EMS, PV Solar) market.

Nattawoot Leadrutdahchakul, , covermat
Nattawoot Leadrutdahchakul,
Founder & CEO, Covermat Co.,Ltd.

Nattawoot Leadrutdahchakul, Founder & CEO, for Covermat Co.,Ltd said:

“This are the area that company focusing and see the potential growth In Y2022”

For Automotive market, Company has a new partnership recently with EMI cooperation from Japan (NIKKE Group) to aim to support nonwoven felt “Himelon” (product from AMBIC CO.,LTD.) to Thailand local manufacturing and Converters. 

Due to Himelon is a benchmark for many Japanese OEM Tier 1 manufacturing in Japan. And Thailand Automotive market still keeps growing and more investing on HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), PEV (Plug in Electric Vehicle), BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) from many global investors from Japan, China, USA and Europe. 

Himelon is nonwoven fabric to prevent NVH/BSR (Irregular) noise. It’s has been used for over 50 years. Himelon is still used a lot for automobiles and electrical appliance and boasts NO.1 sales in Japan. Widely used for dust protection, cushioning, blinding, etc.

Hiroyuki Kishimoto
Kenichi Yamaguchi, CEO, EMI Corporation

Kenichi Yamaguchi, CEO, for EMI Corporation said: 

“Our Company sees the big potential growth in this market and strong believed that this synergy will drive more success and provide a good support to all local OEM manufacturing. With Covermat as Local Thailand partner very well known for Converters market and aggressive driven sales team with local stock in Thailand.

We believe that will be a good synergy between Japan and Thailand as our local partner to support local company both Japanese and non-Japanese Tier.”

About Covermat Co.,Ltd.

Covermat is the distributor of various kinds of materials for many industries. We work with Business partners who are well-known global suppliers worldwide. Our aim is to provide local customer the best advantages in terms of quality, services and innovation. We support high quality raw materials for many industries which are below:

  • Industrial Division (Convertor, Electronic PCBA, E-Mobility)
  • Healthcare Division
  • Green Business

About EMI Corporation

As a member of NIKKE Group, EMI Corporation (EMI Co., Ltd.) supplies NIKKE group products such as Himelon to clients from all over the world, but not limited to, based on their corporate philosophy of “showing the world, Japan’s potential,” also offers other excellent Japanese products. Not only from the headquarter in Japan, through two local subsidiaries in China, NIKKE group offices in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and business partners in South Korea, India, and Europe, EMI offers the following products/materials:

  • General industrial materials (die-cutting materials such as nonwoven fabrics, films, foams and tapes, tension pads for steel service centers, etc).Semiconductor materials (super engineering plastics, high-performance heat insulating plates, etc).
  • Non-ferrous metals (heating wire, duralumin, phosphor bronze, special stainless steel, etc).
  • Factory equipment (high-performance oil filter, nitrogen gas generator, air dryer, rubber extruder, etc).
  • Environmental-friendly materials {bag filters, etc).
  • Inspection devices (3D image inspection equipment, etc).
  • Equipment parts (hydraulic cylinders, valves, grindstones, etc).
  • Golf course maintenance equipment
  • Medical materials (guidewires and their related products, general medical supplies, etc).

For Media Inquiries

Nipavan Prempree

Marketing Team, Covermat Co.,Ltd