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To support Patients and Medical profesionals
Kyowa mission is to bring “Comfortability” and “Convenience” to Patients and Medical
professionals. Skinix brand is based on requirements from medical practice and
treatment. They are pursuing innovative medical tapes as a manufacturer.





Skinix Product Support


“AIRWALL fuwari” is an amazing tape developed to create a “ZERO Feel” when applied and for pain-free removal. We retained the “ZERO Feel” of the ultrathin previous AIRWALL, adding an unprecedented fuwari sensation with the newly developed “fuwari gel”, which protects the skin from damage and irritation when the tape is removed.


Atlesscare is a new solution, Use for a scar after removing suture in an operation. Doctors and Surgeon can recommend Atless care to patients with confidence as an aftercare goods to continue scar care casually in home.


COCOROLL safely protects the skin from stress caused by contact with medical instruments such as NPPV mask and oxygen mask strap. The thin, soft, and highly cushioned specialty material can be applied both to skin and to instruments. To protect skin, cut to the preferred shape and apply. Use to protect against skin stresses like pressure, rubbing, and abrasion due to instruments.