With the expansion of Thailand’s industrial sector, the number of plastic and paper usage has increased tremendously. In the meantime, this situation also intensified the carbon dioxide level in our atmosphere along with the gigantic consumption of water and trees (Which consider limited resources) within the process. Our company strongly believes that taking action to preserve the environment is the most pressing matter. For this reason, our company begins to search for something affordable whilst having enough potential to alternate with the existing materials.Resulting in the establishment of a new division called Green Covermat.



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          Limestone, which is the raw material of LIMEX is a resource that can be self-sufficient globally, where resources are scarce. The estimated recoverable years of limestone continue to grow, with 24 billion tons of resources reserved in Japan alone, and limestone is said to be a resource with a very low risk of depletion compared to oil, water, and forest resources. Since paper alternative products can be manufactured with almost no use of water or forest, it could be manufactured in many places. Also, by promoting local production for local consumption, a compact supply chain can be constructed, which could reduce impact on the environment. Because it is a resource that is abundant everywhere, we believe it can save the world globally.

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          DARBOND is a company that employs R&D, production, and sales focusing on polymer engineering and interface materials. DARBOND uses a strong team of technical experts and first-class office space along with R & D, production, and sales to achieve the idea of development of cutting-edge technology for engineering and interface materials while also striving for independent innovation and development. They apply this philosophy to products including but not limited to automobile parts, engineering machinery, materials for the oil industry, solar energy and wind power industries, electronic materials, flat panel displays, microelectronics, and LED packaging. In addition, DARBOND provide customers with the choice of adhesives and adhesive technology and equipment – including professional services and technical support.