Covermat Co., Ltd.


Who we are & what we do

Covermat Company

Covermat is the distributor of various kinds of materials for many industries.

We work with Bussiness partners who are well-known global suppliers worldwide. Our aim is to provide local customer the best advantages in terms of quality, services and innovation. We support high quality raw materials for many industries which are below:


“As a Business Partner & Global Distributor”

Covermat offers one stop service for various kinds of raw materials to help customers minimize sourcing processes, reduce risk of dead stock, offer low MOQ, and guarantee on time delivery. We focus on working closely with global suppliers and customers as business partners by having highest aim to reach win-win results together.

This year, our team still developing new products & innovative to local market which is providing our customers always up to date and getting the latest technology. Our aim Y2023 is to be public in Thailand stock market & to be leading company in Thailand.

Nattawoot Leadrutdachakul

Covermat Co.,Ltd.
(Managing Director)