Labels for Demanding PCB Manufacturers

  • 25+ years at the forefront of PCB label technology
  • Reach & RoHS compliant PCB identification labels
  • Tracking labels that maintain the integrity of printed bar codes throughout the harshest, multi-cycle PCB manufacturing processes
    • Withstand highly corrosive, highly active fluxes and the most concentrated cleaning chemistries
    • Non-yellowing, non-softening coatings to resist abrasion if contacted at elevated temperatures
  • Dimensionally stable at high temperatures
  • Engineered with aggressive PSAs so the labels remain firmly affixed throughout processing
  • Available in multiple thicknesses, finishes, with a wide selection of PSAs

PCB Label Product Line

Durable Topcoat Labels

  • Labels that withstand highly active organic fluxes (ORH1) used in harsh PCB manufacturing processes
  • Abrasion resistant when directly contacted at elevated temperatures
  • Thermal transfer printable
  • Resists yellowing and softening
  • Aggressive acrylic PSAs to stay affixed to PCBs through wave solder, reflow, and high-pressure washes

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