INNOSPEC MARINE FUEL WATCH : IMO 2020 special edition #1

The newsletter for Innospec Fuel Specialties IMO 2020 special edition


The newsletter for Innospec Fuel Specialties IMO 2020 special edition

Don’t wait for the deadline… get clean now

Throughout our industry the noise about IMO 2020 has been getting louder and louder. No-one can now be in any doubt that the new rules on fuel will have a major impact when they come into force. Ship owners and operators failing to comply could potentially face substantial fines.

Are you ready for the change? From 1st January 2020 there will be a mandatory requirement to use marine fuels with a maximum sulphur content of 0.5% by mass. Don’t wait for deadline day to get ship shape. Now is the time to get your storage tanks and fuel handling system ready to accept
compliant fuel.

Compliant fuel into uncleaned tanks… think again

You need to be aware that simply filling up tanks with compliant Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
(VLSFO) after running on High Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil (HSHF0) is not a solution. It will lead to compliance issues because storage tanks are usually severely contaminated with residual components such as sediments and asphaltenic sludge. When a compliant paraffinic fuel is used it dissolves the remaining sludge and this can potentially increase the sulphur content of the fuel at the engine rail.

This not only ends up turning compliant fuel into non-compliant fuel, but it can also lead to severe purifier sludging, filter blockage and potentially fuel starvation as the sludge is rapidly assimilated into the new fuel. All this can add up to a costly mistake and potentially a Loss Of Propulsion (LOP), so the message is clear – tanks must be cleaned before using a compliant fuel.

What’s the best solution?

The easiest and most cost-effective solution is to use our Octamar™ tank cleaning additive to clean storage tanks prior to switching to VLSFO or Marine Gas Oil (MGO). Octamar™ BT series contains an asphaltene dispersant stabiliser. Using this additive for a period of time prior to changing tank allocation has been shown to significantly improve tank cleanliness and provide huge reductions in the time and work involved in planning and tank cleaning.

For refiners, bunker suppliers and shipping companies, our tank cleaning fuel additives will make the switch to low sulphur fuel on deadline day as straightforward as possible. Our solution is not only cost-effective, saving you time and money, but also much less work and safer for the crew compared to planning and carrying out a manual tank clean.

ULSFO – Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil – 0.1%S Products containing residual / VLSFO – Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil – 0.5%S / LSHFO – Low Sulphur Heavy Fuel Oil – 1.0%S – from 2010-15